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Our Rite

If we consider man as a spiritual entity that has progressively lost awareness of itself, enveloping itself more and more in matter, we can also imagine the initiate as a misaligned and decomposed conscience, in an identity crisis.


Usually, we associate this condition with the myth of Osiris (Isis for the Female Rite) fallen, trapped, dead and then fragmented into 14 pieces. To be reborn, he in fact needs to be reassembled.

Here is also revealed the figure of Isis (Aset) the widow of Egyptian Freemasonry (but also the lady of everything that magically and alchemically consolidates itself in the symbolism of the Throne), who collects the pieces, reassembles them, giving them back life through an action that requires the Sacrificial Rite.

In this way we can also begin to understand the extraordinary importance of a parallel path, exclusively for women and therefore why part of our structure includes one distinct from the male one, but of equal value. Both parts, through their respective rituals, constitute the complete "corpus" of our path.


Keeping ourselves with these symbolic references, we can understand that Man, although resurrected, is not complete. In fact, although reconstituted, it is still “fallen”, and cannot generate. His spiritual manhood is almost completely nullified. He remains placed in the horizontal cross, still unable to turn towards the vertical axis. For this, he needs further purifications, meditations, adequate sacrificial rites, which can restore his lost spiritual virility.

Regenerating the state of being, rediscovering one's own spiritual center, is what we try to achieve, applying the teachings that can be drawn from the different ritual chambers.

It is a struggle to be faced, initially in the darkness of the lack of conscience and awareness, against one's self-centered personality, against a mentality conditioned by fiery passions.

It is necessary to combine the initial desire with a form of particular will, aimed at the search for the divine dimension that is within us, and of which we are a part; therefore also a rediscovery of the sacredness of one's life and of everything that surrounds us, progressively eliminating any other distraction from this research.

It is necessary to really want to apply and prepare oneself, so that knowledge reveals itself spontaneously. Preparation for such an event is cultivated with determination, love and sacrifice.

This preparation, absolutely intimate and personal, will need to be able to form, little by little, a mentality which will have as a contemporary consequence the transmutation of the material and chaotic personality into a rhythmically ordered personality; then, managing to avoid still possible falls, it will be possible to attempt a slow and continuous progression towards the Light.

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