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Arcana Arcanorum

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The "Holy Grail" of universal Freemasonry, the degrees of which Ragon said were the crown of the Egyptian system and that "only these" are those which constitute the whole philosophical system of the "true Mizraïm Rite" a phrase which proves that although an enemy of the Rite, Ragon had received some knowledge of the AA. The Arcana Arcanorum (Scala di Napoli), then, remain a matter of concern even in our over-informed age. 

This is because the holders and those who have the right to transmit them exist dispersed in various structures (fraternities or rypes) without being directly accessible and those who transmit them are located in a specific city.


It is remarkable what has happened in our time, that is, that a magical/mystical function has been so well preserved in an environment of complete exegesis and desecration, which has given rise to a whole host of theories written by people with little or no knowledge on the subject.

The Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of the Ionian - Superum is an enclave for the preservation and knowledge of the original teachings of the Scala di Napoli.

Trying to give a little clarification on the subject of the Arcana Arcanorum:

  1. As is now known, the man who formulated the AA, although not in its final form, is Raymondo di Sangro, Prince of San Severo. In the creation of the AA, other predecessors such as the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher, the father of Egyptology, as well as mystics of the Prince's time, had a role and influence. Taking into account the works on the history of Egyptian Rites by contemporary authors Denis Laboure, Gastone Ventura, Brunelli and from primary sources: for the final form of the AA played a role the disciple of the Prince Baron of Tschoudy with the higher grades of the alchemical tectonic type of the Radiant Star, Cagliostro with his High Egyptian Masonic Rite, the mysterious Altotas, the Knight d'Aquino and the son of Prince Raymondo Vincenzo di Sangro. The journey of d'Aquino & Cagliostro to Malta and their meeting with Manuel Pinto da Fonseca great Master of the Knights of Malta and an alchemist too, played a key role in the refinement of the AA. A second trip is said to have been made to Malta by Cagliostro. 

  2. The Prince did not proceed to create any Rite in his time. He remained Grand Master of Neapolitan Freemasonry, in the inner circle of the Mystic Rose as well as the Lodge of Perfect Union in Naples. The Formula of Mizraim was later created and there the four degrees of A.A. were added. Historically pre-Mizraim lodges were in operation before 1782 (in the east of Zakynthos), 1796 (Venice) and it has also been confirmed for Venice that in 1801 the Rite was active. The Mizraïm Rite was also developed, and spread to France by 1814 by Marc Bédarride who gave it more Kabbalistic than Egyptian characteristics.  Shortly before 1838, Jean Etienne Marconis de Nègre created the Memphis Press. Strong Egyptian symbolism ran through this press.

  3. The various AAs that circulate online nowadays, and have been circulating for a few decades now, are a Kabbalistic interpretations and translations of the AAs instead of Greco-Egypttian. That doesn't mean they have no value.

  4. The original Arcana Arcanorum (Scala di Napoli) are written and encrypted in a way that can be interpreted and misinterpreted. Their most authentic aspect is as Greco-Egyptian theurgy without any Judeo-Christian influence (which of course is necessary for those working within the Ionian Sanctuary since its upper ranks are Martinist-Illuminist)

  5. A good and reliable source the book "On the Red Rose and the Golden Cross" by Jean-Pierre Giudicelli de Cressac Bachelerie states that (for the time it was written) "the present Grand Hierophant of the Grand Sanctuary of the Adriatic is a bearer of AA". This, though correct, does not specify what form of AA they possessed: and we know it was/is the Kabbalistic form. As far as Greece is concerned the Past Grand National Master had not transmitted anything to anyone.

  6. In the amalgamation and operation of the two Rites, the Memphis Rite consisted of the original 3 degrees which are equivalent to the 3 degrees of a Blue Lodge generally speaking, though starting out these 3 degrees were considered part of the Scottish Rite in the Prince's time; these were considered the Ascending degrees. And of course the next 4 or 3 plus 1 degrees containing the A.A. belong to Mizraïm; the Descending (into the Abydos) degrees. 


A very important question of those who take a somewhat exotic and romantic view of the subjects of the Arcana Arcanorum and of the higher Ceremonies and initiations is this:

  • Have I done and dealt with anything other than masonic rites? If not let me reconsider. 

  • Why do I want to receive these or any other theurgic and magical formalities? 

  • What am I going to do with them? 

The Arcana Arcanorum - Scala di Napoli have remained well protected and revealed to people with a traditional mindset, integrity, honesty and fortitude.

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