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Degrees & Structure

The Egyptian Female Rite of Adoption has four Degrees (1°, 2°, 3°, 4°) and two administrative Degrees (5°, 6°). 

The 1° Degree -  Egyptian Apprentice, must learn to study and handle the elements that will help her awaken her own feminine qualities.  She must also learn to meditate on herself, and especially on her personality.  She needs to learn the Tradition and the Traditional values. 

The 2° Degree - Egyptian Companion, proceeds with the alchemico-hermetic teachings through the symbols of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Serpent. Traditionally, these symbols are associated with the female element and emerge from the myth of Eve and the Garden of Eden.


The 3° Degree - Egyptian Mistress, will be prepared to live, through the initiation to this degree, all the pain and all the joy that will be emanating from the myth of Isis and Osiris. It is through Eve who became Isis, that Adam-Osiris is reborn, and this time, in full spiritual power.  Finally, Eve assumes completely the function of heroic devotion within the fullness of her own feminine spirituality, redeeming the "mistakes" form the Garden of Eden. It was for Eva's vanity and superficiality that humanity "fell". It is for the devotion and deep love of Isis that humanity will be saved.


The 4° Degree - Perfect Egyptian Mistress, should dedicate her actions to the study of Kabbalah. This is a degree that requires great care and, above all, modesty since at this degree the woman acquires a certain cognitive opening, which could awaken in her arrogance and desire for power.  If this happens, then the whole initiation path is lost.  Only Modesty will be able to bring the project to fruition!


The 5° Degree is for the National Egyptian Grand Master.
The 6° Degree is for the International Egyptian Grand Mistress, who holds the title "Queen of the South - Queen of Sheba".


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