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Degrees & Structure

In our Pyramid, the 90 Degrees of Mizraim & the 95 Degrees of Memphis are united, while containing the entire Masonic Doctrine via a special arrangement. The Masonic Series includes the first 30 degrees and it is divided in two Series, the Symbolic and Philosophic.

The Symbolic Class or Blue Lodge is comprised of the First Work Zone and is expressed thought the Laboratories or Chambers in Lodges and Triangles. 

  • 1° Apprentice of the Art.

  • 2° Companion of the Art.

  • 3° Master Mason of the Art.


Subsequently the next  four degrees follow,  in groupings with absolutely symbolic names that identify the inner subjects and actions to be studied and carried out.

The Philosophic Classes are as follows

  • 4° to 7°, College of the Sublime Masters of the Arch Perfection.

  • 8° to 11°, the Synod of the Knights of the Sword, Perfect Masons of Heredom ( 11° is the degree of the R+C Knight).

  • 12° to 17°, the Chapter of Knights of the Sun, Sages of Truth - Hermetic Philosophers.

  • 18° to 30°, the Council of Commanders of the Stars - Patriarchs of Truth.


On the 8° 11° degree, the seeker attempts to cross through the waters. He can pass over the bridge which connects the two river banks, but he can also be lost into the waters with no hope.

On the 12° 17° degree, right after having passed through the waters, he is able to face the Alchemical path and on the 18° 30° degree the Astrological and Kabbalistic path.

The Illuminating Series, which is the Mystical & Kabbalistic Classes, is comprised of four organizations:

  • THE SUBLIME CONSISTORIUM of the Sublime Masters of the Great Work.(30° 90°). From 30° to the 90° degree, we enter a sequence which escalates to the Arcana Arcanorum. Those who bear 30° 90° degrees are called Sublime Masters of the Great Work.

  • THE GRAND TRIBUNAL of the Defenders of the Rite (31° 90° 91°).

  • THE GRAND LITURGICAL COLLEGE of the Knights Filalete, Magicians of the R+C (32° 90° 92°).

  • THE SUBLIME MYSTICAL TEMPLE of Prince Patriarch of Memphis (32° 90° 94°).

  • THE GRAND SANCTUARY of Patriarch Conservators of the Rite (33° 90° 95°).

Two administrative degrees remain which correspond to the function of the:

  • National Grand Hierophant - Grand Commander 33° 90° 96°.

  • Sovereign Grand Hierophant  - Sovereign Grand Master 33° 90° 97° who retains the Sovereignty of the Rite.

The Works of all Chambers and Chapters of the Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Mizraim and Memphis must be conducted to the Glory of the Sublime Maker of the Worlds and under the Aegis of the Sovereign Grand Sanctum of Ionian, which is the Supreme Force of the Order & the Rite on both hemispheres. Each nation is ruled by its own National Sanctuary. 

On the 30º 90º degree the seeker starts to work on the Elemental Powers and with higher Macrocosmic forces.  The Sanctum Rite, which acts on the Astral fields, helps and protects the seeker because the Ritual action allows the activation of both channels, the one raises the "Fides" upwards and the other one lowers the "Virtus" downwards, just as in the Emerald Tablet. It is the meeting place of the Microcosmos and Macrocosmos.  It is however advisable that great attention takes place.

For this reason, it is necessary to always be humble and prudent. In this way it will be possible to understand faster that causes and effects constantly interact between the visible and invisible worlds.


Through the Rite, the higher dimension can be moved by the lower one, and vice versa.


For this reason, it should be easy to understand that anyone who practices the Rite must possess the original qualifications of legitimacy and authenticity that guarantee on several levels those practices.


The purpose of the Rite is only to favor the regeneration and spiritual reintegration of each individual Brother and Sister.

Concerning Religion

The Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Mizraim & Memphis does not partake on any sociopolitical or religious conversations during the works and it is absolutely prohibited in our Lodges. The Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Mizraim and Memphis has no interest in politics and respects all Religions.

It is pertained on the Rite’s foundation that we should know that all facts that are produced in the physical world and all causes first initiated in the metaphysical world. And this is why nothing can be manifested in the physical world, unless it has first been formed first, beyond the Veil.

For us God is one, even if we appeal to Him under various names. That is why we support equally all religions.

One of the fundamental principles of Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Mizraim and Memphis, is that God is Truth and exists everywhere, suffice it to be realized by humans via inner work.

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