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Message to Aspirants

Masonry is a continuation of the Ancient Mysteries.  Today it constitutes one of the three branches of the so-called "Western Tradition".  Ever since man dwelt on Earth, he has sought to find answers to the eternal questions: "Who am I?", "Where do I come from?", "Where am I going?"

The search for these answers arose from the moment that man, who was made "in the image and likeness", fell from his/her spiritual origin.  Our Order does not seek to be another copy of the society.  On the contrary, it seeks to influence society by improving every cell of it in the direction of recovering the spirituality of man.

As a Traditional Masonic Organization, we do not accept atheists, because the search for the answers to the above questions presupposes the belief in the existence of a Creator God and the belief in the immortality of the soul, along with the belief in the need to recover the lost values within us from the beginning of creation. We do not care to what specific religion everyone adheres to, nor what they call the God they believe in. 

In order to respect the special religious figures for everyone, when Masonry refers to God, he calls deity in they capacity of "Supreme Architect of the Universe" or "Sublime Maker of the Worlds". These names, 1) attribute it to its status and 2) do not coincide with any known religious doctrine and thus no distinction is made in favor of a religion, and the particular religious feelings of each member are not offended. Furthermore, we are not interested in the social or economic status of each member, nor their political beliefs. 

As a Traditional Masonic Organization, we welcome men and women who have moral principles, who want to deal with their spiritual concerns,  to find answers to the eternal questions mentioned above, who are possessed by love in every creation of God, respect every fellow human being regardless of color, race, religion, sexual orientation or social status and believe in the freedom of speech and action of all people. 

Our Organization, maintains different Ceremonies in our Lodges for each sex, because this is imposed by the Ancient Initiatic Tradition that distinguish the different temperament of each sex. (see Female Rite) The woman holds her own feminine position in Freemasonry, with her own Ceremonial symbols, without having to imitate the man, however the two sexes are eventually united.

The obligations of each member are arising from their own desire to join and therefore when they do not wish to continue their participation, that can leave at any time they wishe and no one can or is allowed to exert any pressure on their decisions.

Participation in our organization is not associated with any kind of material "service", or to make "acquaintances" etc.

A Mason is a worker and fighter of the search for Truth and his integration into the Masonic body has to do only with this search.

To pre-qualify, an aspirant must:

  • Believe in a Supreme Being (of your own interpretation) 

  • Believe in the Immortality of the Soul.

  • Be a Free Man & Woman. 

  • A Lawful Citizen & of Good Moral Character.

  • Over 18 years old of age. 

  • Be able to provide for you and your family.

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