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Rite of Adoption - History

In the second half of the 18th century, Cagliostro frequented the regions of the north-east Italy; in particular Rovereto, Trento and Venice.

Well before the organizational actions of Filalete Abraham in 1801, he entrusted the rituals of his female Lodges, called “Androgene of Adoption” to the Absolute Power of the Rite of Misraїm, in Venice.

In the following years, by these Brothers, new female rituals were developed, trying to harmonize the bases provided by Cagliostro with the male Osirian line of Misraїm. Thus, Isiatic initiations were also inserted, while maintaining the meanings and symbolic references of Cagliostro, being respectful of the Tradition. 

In 1971, the Sovereign Grand Hierophant General, Gastone Ventura of the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraїm and Memphis - Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic, made the Adrogeny Adoption Lodges active, organizing the Mother and Ruling Lodge “Isis” in Bologna.

He consecrated this awakening with the initiation and installation, as Grand Master - Queen of Sheba, Sister A. Curti.

In 1989 the Sovereign Grand Hierophant General, Sebastiano Caracciolo, in the face of female expansion, in Italy and abroad, organized the Androgenic Lodges in a Rite, which he called the “Egyptian Female Rite of Adoption”. He removed the word: “Androgeny”, which was often misunderstood with the word "Mixed", and organized the Rite in six degrees.

The Female Rite is administrated by a Grand Mistress who identifies herself as Queen of the South.

Obviously the Rite depends on the Sovereign Grand Hierophant, but the latter delegates part of his administrative powers, permanently, to the Queen of the South.

The rituals in use are functional to the spiritual development of a purely feminine line; therefore they only take into account female qualifications.

The works conducted by the Sisters in charge are conducted in the presence of a high-ranking Brother who represents the Sovereign Grand Hierophant and who, above all, symbolically represents the active alchemical principle of the sacred fire  necessary to start any Sacred Work.

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