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The main purpose of Initiation is to set in motion all Personal (Microcosmos) and Universal (Macrocosmos) processes which will provoke the excess of human confinements, awakening the capabilities of emancipation dormancies which each one bears, thus allowing the individual man and woman, to come in contact with their own Divinity.

During Initiation there is a “non-human” element consisting of a spiritual influence that achieves the connection with the Divine Order through the Rite. However for this to happen the Rite must be activated according to Tradition, in this case though the methods of the "Traditional Egyptian Rite" that we are custodians of, through uninterrupted initiation that took place in the city of Naples.

Initiation is taking place within each person individually and therefore we do not perform Group Initiations as it is contrary to Tradition and the esoteric processes taking place.


Initiation must provoke a transmutation within the individual making them realize their inner Divinity; it must render the individual a New Person, and indicate a new beginning of true liberation from the human limitations as well as the awakening of their Divine Consciousness.

From experience, it is important to remember, once again, that every initiatory structure, hopefully inspired and connected to the Spirit and to Tradition (immutable in its essence), always remains a human "invention"; therefore, it is inevitably characterized by light and shadows. 


In fact, the only structure that really matters, regardless of any organization, is the one within ourselves; it is the only one that is able to connect with the origin of the source of Light we desire. The earthly masters and initiators are necessary to open channels, to accompany us during for a certain period, perhaps to transmit to others what has been received (allowing Traditional continuity), but then if we have worked well in the intimate interiority, when we have alchemically fix the volatile, one can/will have to go “further”.


With this premise, we can begin to hint at the concept of "Virtus", traditionally and regularly spread to all components, as a seed that will have to be transformed into a plant, through the initiatory vehicle which has as its reference the visible vertex of the Great Pyramid, holder of the Royal and Priestly dignity of the Rite. 


In fact, this vertex has through the regular initiations received from its predecessors, the potential connections with the Spirit that animates the Traditional emanation. Obviously, on an individual level, it is up to the initiate alone to try (hopefully within a single life) through the internally lived practice of our Sacrificial Rite (also verified externally as a consequence), to regenerate esoterically and to rise to the higher levels of the Spirit. In this way, if kindly welcome, according to the transformations of his/her own state of being, he/she will be able to attempt personal reintegration.


It is to be understood that in order to live in a harmonious way, it is therefore necessary to inevitably associate the concept of “Virtus” with that of “Fides”; these united, must “luminously” permeate every level and sphere.


From our Sacrificial Rite we must expect only a rise, a liberation on the way of reaching the level of the entity to which the sacrifice is addressed; in other words, it is a bridge between the condition of Man and that of God. Sacrifice is not pain, fatigue and despair, it is simply a Rite and as such it is Truth. 


From the Emerald and Ruby Tablets, it appears that the upper world is moved by the lower one, and that what is above is similar to what is below and vice versa. It follows that the "smoke of sacrifices" rising from below will light the lamps from above, so that all the lights shine in the sky, illuminating everything below.

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