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History of our Rite & Order

Arcana Arcanorum - 1777 | Rite of Mizraim - Naples 1728 | Rite of Mizraim - Venice 1788 
Rite of Memphis - Montauban 1815
Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim and Memphis - 1945

The «Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Misraim and Memphis» is considered the most Hermetic Masonic Order and we derived by our predecessor organization, by means of Initiation and Doctrines, of the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim Memphis.  The Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Misraim and Memphis is the result of the fusion of the esoteric process of the Egyptian Rite or Rite of Misraim that came from Venice in 1801 and the Oriental Rite or Rite of Memphis that derived in 1839 in Paris, and it was based on a nomenclature that worked through the degrees of Misraim from its inception, including the Initiations and Rites of the Oriental Rite.

The Rite of Misraim derived from Venice in 1801 due to the efforts of Filalete Abraham and immediately spread into Italy and France.

The Oriental Rite of Memphis derived in 1839 in Paris from Etienne Marconis. Similar documents are kept in the Archives our predecessor Order; The Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic (Superum) has, among other documents, three scrolls that restore and clarify, as much as possible, the history and the branches of the two Rites that were merged by Marco Egidio Allegri. He stood as Supreme Force of the Misraim of Venice in 1923 and also Grand Lineman ad vitam of the Memphis Rite at Palermo where he was later put to sleep in 1925.

The information about these two Rites is a bit fractioned due to the historical transitions that both of them underwent and mostly the Rite of Misraim which in the course of time came was influenced by the secular power and authority of other Masonic forces who had lost the true spirit of the Ancient Initiation.  These forces always tried to absorb the orthodox Rites so that they could restore their lost traditional doctrines and oral teachings.

One of the historical documents allow us to guarantee that the Rite of Misraim was active in Zakynthos Island in 1782 and in Venice in 1796. In Venice the Rite was put to sleep after the capture of Enetic Democracy from Austria and awakened from Filalete Abraham, which was the name of Baron Tassoni di Modena, on 1801.

On May 16th of 1945, right after the end of World War II, M.E. Allegri activated his privileges as Supreme Force, as 90° of Misraim and Grand Hierophant “ad vitam” of the Rite of Memphis and merged these Rites into one, creating the "Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim and Memphis" that was developed into 95 degrees, proceeding in the foundation of Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic (Superum), The Sublime Mystical Temple, The Sublime Consistorium of the 30° 90° degree, and the Sublime Peristyle of Orphics.

M.E.Allegri also established in perpetuity the Ruling Mother Lodge of «OSIRIS» and established the Sublime Councils and the Ruling Mother Lodge in the zenith of Venice to confirm the origin and to ensure the continuum of the Venerable Rite in the future.


On October 14th of 1949, M.E. Allegri passed over the Eternal Grand Pyramid, after he put to "sleep" the lesser Chambers of the Rite, leaving as a successor through his will, Ottavio Ulderisco Zasio that ruled as Grand Hierophant till May 1st 1966, who then passed unto the Eternal Grand Pyramid, succeeded by Count Gastone as it was said in the will of the deceased. Count Gastone Ventura awakened the Rite on all the Chambers at the Winter Solstice of 1971 and ruled as Grand Hierophant till July 28th 1981 who passed over the Eternal Grand Pyramid leaving as his successor Sebastiano Caracciolo till April 4th 2013 who passed over the Eternal Grand Pyramid. Since that time the Grand Sanctuary of the Adriatic continues under the acclaimed authority of the Grand Hierophant of Italy.



A New Era - A New Sanctuary

In Spring Equinox 2021, four Grand Conservators of the Rite 33° 90° 95° & 33° 90° 97°, independent of the Grand Sanctuary of the Adriatic, established a new and Sovereign Sanctuary: the Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Ionian - for the Ancient and Sovereign Egyptian Rite of Mizraïm and Memphis, perpetuating the beautiful initiatory Rite, Rituals and Doctrines of our predecessors along with the vision which is outlined in our homepage.

At last, we are blessed to have received the initiation depository of the Rite of Misraim - 1728 and Arcana Arcanorum 1777, in September 2022 in Naples, practices as originally created by Raimondo di Sangro.

Thus we are able to provide a complete and coherent system of teachings of the Traditional Egyptian Rite.

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