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Marc Bedarride

Marc Bedarride

[Caivillon, 1776-1846]

He was one of Gad Bédarride’s three children (Marco, Giuseppe and Michael Bédarride). Not many biographical references have been rescued about him. He became known for propagating the Misraim Rite. He’s the only source of information on the Rite of Misraim. He was initiated into the Rite by his father Gad Bédarride , who was respectively received into the Rite by the wise Patriarch Ananiah in the middle of the 18th century. Later on, in 1801, and thanks to the efforts of Filalete Abraham (Baron Tassone di Modena), the Rite was revived in Venice and spread throughout the rest of Italy and France. Marc Bédarride was a part of “Tegolatura Suprema Scala di Napoli”, which became more widely known as Arcana Arcanorum. He participated as an officer in Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt. On his return from Egypt to Livorno, he was appointed chief of stuff of the Napoleon Army under the leadership of Jean Etienne Championett. He studied Egyptology and was an honorary member of the Bonapartian Scottish Rite Lodge “Saint Napoleon” in Florence.

Among others, he organised in Pisa a meeting of the most important Masonic Lodges of the Kingdom of Etruria. In 1813, he founded in Naples the “Figlia della Sapienza” Lodge. The Rite of Misraim went through a lot of tribulation due to the fact that certain people intergrated the Rite into other Orders, altering its Traditional value and thus creating a Rite that had nothing in common with the authentic Rite of Misraim.


It has been reserved, in its traditional and authentic form, until today, owing to the efforts of a few of the Rite’s defenders who passed it on consecutively to Giuseppe Darresio and then to Marco Egidio Allegri, who unified in 1945 the Rite with the Rite of Memphis of which he also possessed a succession.

Marc Bédarride is the author of the book: De l’Ordre Maconnique de Misraim

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